Friday, 13 March 2015

Australian found $141,000 gold nugget

Have you ever in your childhood, roaming around on the beach with metal detector and hope you will find pirate's treasure or a chest full of gold but you only find some car keys and trash? If you've already give up your dream then you have to think again because who knows you will be like this lucky guy in Australia.
Mick Brown (42) is prospecting in Wedderbur, Victoria with his metal detector when the device screams very loud.
After he dug 15 cm he found this shinny nugget weight 2.7 kilograms or $141,000 worth gold nugget but Brown said he hope that collectors will offer more.
So, get up and take that metal detector, who knows you will find treasure even in your backyard.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

That Small Shinny Yellow Thing

After a long time leaving my blog because the business - or laziness, I will start again to write in this blog because an incident that happened to me on my business trip. At that time I am on a short 1,5 hour flight and sit beside me is a man - I guess on his mid 40's - a government employee and also on his business trip. We have a chat for awhile, he ask me about my job and he said that it must be fun to have a job like me, the income must be high and travel a lot to a various beautiful places in the world (yeah right). In the end he is quite surprised when he knows that I'm a married man with 2 daughters of 7 and 2.5 year-old in my 32.

FYI: I am married when I was 23 with a woman that hates me so much (She hates me because she can't stop loving me :-P). Immediately only 1 year after the marriage,  God send us a beautiful angel - who at the moment loves learning Pencak Silat (an Indonesian Martial Art) and playing violin, and  5 years later another angel came to us and make our family live more colorful.

Anyway,  back to our story on the plane. At first, I thought  he will scold me because I'm married in a very young age (in our society getting married in a very young age often happened because your girlfriend is "accidentally" got pregnant because you are not "becareful" enough). But in opposite he told me that I'm so lucky of getting married so young because he got married in his late 30's with a woman 9 years younger that him (you're a lucky bastard!) and at the moment he has an 8 year-old son. He told me his worried that in around 10 years he will be retired and at that time his son in his time where he will need financial support for his school and college. He said also that at the moment he tries to save some money for his son's future need but he still worried about the the school fee will increase every year and he cannot afford it at the time his son entering the university.

 I told him the same good old story about purchasing gold for your financial security. He said that it is easy for me to buy gold because my high salary and I asked him back how much he can save a month. He answered the amount that actually enough to purchase about 2 grams of 24K gold (at the current gold price) not a large and heavy gold bullion but he can just buy that small shinny yellow thing that he can afford every month. In the end he will consider my advice and buy gold for his future financial security.

I believe myself that purchasing the gold is not to multiply your money but to secure it so in the future the value of money that you have at the moment is the same that you have in may be 30 or 40 years in the future. Remember that actually not the gold price is the one that increasing  but because the value of our money is the one that decreasing.

For the people who have more money, purchasing the properties or investing your money in some businesses are some ways to secure their financial future. But for that man on a plane who only has small amount of salary, purchasing 2 or 3 grams of that "small shinny yellow thing" every month  may be the easiest and has the lowest risk way available to secure his financial future. If his salary  increasing annually and  nothing big happen in his financial life within 10 years he can have 240 grams of gold - at the current value that small shiny yellow thing in that weight is enough to put his son in a modest university in my country.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

All About Investing in Gold (All About Series)

All About Investing in Gold (All About Series)

Gold is among the best investments for meeting both long- and short- term goals—and the market has never been easier or cheaper to enter!

All About Investing in Gold walks you through the often overlooked intricacies of investing in gold with a clarity and coherence you won’t find in other books. Using real-world examples and simple, jargon-free language, All About Investing in Gold illustrates how gold investing works, why gold deserves a spot in your portfolio, and how to avoid the costly pitfalls many investors fall into when buying gold.

Gold!: The Fever that Forever Changed Australia

Gold!: The Fever that Forever Changed Australia

The gold era brought sweeping and lasting changes. It produced great wealth and ensured the financial viability of the struggling colonies. It stimulated a dramatic increase to Australia’s population, was the last nail in the coffin for convict transportation, subverted the hierarchical British class system, laid the foundations of the Australian egalitarian ethos and stimulated the democratic ideas that led to the establishment of the nation of Australia. Told by those who were part of the adventure, the book is abundant with original source materials, including diaries, journals, books, letters, official reports, Parliamentary inquiries, press reports, paintings, drawings, and photographs.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

War On Economics Terrorism

Amazing News from Pakistan a few days ago when a group of US elite force successfully put the life of King of Terror into an end. This is like a breath of fresh air in a war against terrorism, even though with the death of Osama Bin Laden cannot guarantee the terror will end, but at least it make a great loss in Al Qaeda command chain.

Another "invisible enemy" in our life is the uncertainty in our economics condition which also terrorizing our life because  we don't know when our vulnerable economics condition will be collapse.

In a war against Economics Terrorism we need a special "weapons and tactics" and off course good insurance. Once more Gold is the best insurance in our uncertain economics condition. Just let us see from a scope of house hold level, how much the income and expense and how much the savings compared with the inflation level in your country. From that simple calculation we can understand how much the "value" of our money after a few years and how much the value of Gold in the same range of time.  

Get ready and get prepared buy gold now!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Silvertowne One Ounce .999 Fine Silver Bullion Bar

Silvertowne One Ounce .999 Fine Silver Bullion Bar

1 Ounce .999 Fine Silver Bullion Bar by Silvertowne

The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession

The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession

In the first chapter of his book The Power of Gold, Peter Bernstein quotes the immortal words of King Ferdinand of Spain, who once declared: "Get gold, humanely if possible, but at all hazards--get gold." As ensuing chapters reveal, man's obsession with finding, keeping, selling, and evaluating gold has rarely been a humane adventure and has always been a hazardous one. Digging deeply into history's treasury of torrid tales and complicated deals, Bernstein examines gold's lure with an economist's passion for quantification, a historian's eye for detail, and a sociologist's feel for its consequence.

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